Reading was always my favorite pass time, even as a child.  Go ahead and ground me, I'll sit in my room and read a book.  In school I always loved the writing assignments, but it wasn't until high school that I really started writing on my own.  I wrote poetry and started dozens of stories that I never finished.  In 2003 I started my current project, a novel now titled BOUND AND BROKEN.  It started out as 50 pages of steamy sex that went nowhere.  I put it down and nearly forgot about it until the fall of 2008 when I decided to take those 50 pages and rewrite them into a vampire novel.  I am swiftly approaching the end of the book and hope to be in the editing stage in the next few weeks.

     I am also the Co-Owner of Pensive and Paper: A Writer's Group.  We are a fledgling group based out of Jacksonville, NC right outside Camp Lejeune.  All of our members have different styles and goals, but we are working together to further our writing.  We meet and discuss our work, critique each other and discuss the difficulties we face day to day.